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Semi Packed Room

There are 3 stacks of boxes along that table!

Packing up sewing rooms and long arm rooms is a pain!  The boxes alone are maddening, not to mention the worry over my machines.  I thought I would be pro-active, and organize as I pack – yea, right!


DSCF5721 DSCF5722

Empty lateral file units, all the books and machine embroidery designs packed.  I haven’t even started on the batting and backings I keep in the basement!

The funniest part was looking for a new place – the look on faces as I paced off rooms to make sure the longarm would fit were priceless!


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Back from AQS Des Moines

Hubby and I spent 4 days in Des Moines – again, AQS put on an excellent show! There was so much to see, do and buy 🙂 – a day or two just isn’t enough.

I think I’ll spend today in my sewing room, after being so inspired!

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Now I feel like I can work in peace – the sewing room is all put back together! From the doorway:

From the Window side of the room:

WooHoo! Projects are all bagged so I can come in from work and actually get a little something accomplished. I even set up a place for my laptop with an extra monitor (how did I ever survive without an extended desktop???) Any bets on how long it stays this way?!!

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Design Wall 7/05

Not really a design wall Monday, more of a Makeover Monday here. I decided that I needed to have more storage/walking room in my sewing room, so I enlisted the help of DH to tackle the dreaded closet. Since I set up the sewing room, I’ve just had a couple of (really cool) shelf sets hubby brought home from a job site one day – they were department store display shelves. The shelves pull out and came with a couple of cool Plexiglas boxes for the lower shelves. Here’s a before shot:

Lots of wasted space there, but it worked for a long time. I had Hubby install shelves in the closet instead, and we left the bar and some space for hanging panels, etc. I think I’m going to like this setup much better:

The shelving units won’t go to waste (and hubby doesn’t get ’em either haha); they will go into the long arm room for storing long arm supplies like all the thread I’m collecting!

Now the wing chair – that’s expendable! I still have the remainder of the sewing room to clean up and organize, but hey – it’s a start!

That’s my design wall work for this week – don’t forget to stop by Judy’s Patchwork Times and see what everyone has on their design wall!

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Okay, I’ll admit it – I’ve spent this evening installing and playing with EQ7! This one reminds me of spring in the Midwest, storms and all.

Over the weekend I started to sew together the Patriotic piece I started last weekend, and put together some quick flying geese stars for another one:

Who knows, maybe they’ll end up together. 😀 Don’t forget to stop by Judy’s and see what everyone is working on!

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I’ve been keeping my eye out for some patriotic fabric, and found a couple of Charm Packs of Glory! by Moda. I played around in EQ until I had something I liked yesterday morning, and this is how far I’ve gotten:

I even took pictures along the way for a possible tute later on. In between working on the Glory piece, I made more passes on the Snowmen quilt on Lizzie and finally got him done! He’s off the machine and squared up now, waiting on binding.

I’m thinking about doing something more with the painted snowflakes, but haven’t quite decided yet.

Don’t forget to stop by Patchwork Times and see what everyone’s working on – it makes Mondays worth getting up for!

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The Tally

Hubby swears I’m trying to boost the quilting economy single handed – total stash enhancement today is 19.75 yards, 1 Charm Pack, & 3 kits! Went to 4 different places and had a lot of fun.

First stop was a LQS, Kanesville Quilting. Had to show my fav neighbor lady that one; she’d never been. I picked up a couple of pieces of patriotic fabric and another charm pack for the runner I’m working on, along with a gorgeous rose bud table runner kit.

Next was Mangelsen’s – I picked up 2 panels and coordinate yardage from Red Rooster’s Harvest Town line. They were offering pick a free pattern for every 2 yards of regularly priced fabric – and Animas Quilts’ Eureka! pattern was in the pot!! I’ve had my eyes on that one for a while now 😀

Third stop was Log Cabin Quilts – they moved their shop a couple of months ago, and we hadn’t been to see their new digs. I picked up some more tan/blue fabrics to make another Shiloh table topper (hubby helped by telling them to measure the remainder of the bolt on one fab, which turned out to be 4 yards – gotta luv him!) I also couldn’t resist a little Apple table runner kit since my kitchen is decorated in apples.

From there we were so close to another LQS, Country Sampler that we just had to stop. They have 2 locations, and we’d never been to this one – that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it 😉 They had a big piece of one of the ‘I Believe in Santa’ line from Benartex that I’ve been missing and another piece I just thought I needed – the blue one wasn’t one of the bolts I gave DH to get cut. Hmmm…wonder how that one got in there?!?

Finally, we stopped by a rummage sale type place we’d never been to before – and of course I managed to find something. I picked up a Colorwash pattern by Heatherworks along with an assortment of Christmas fabrics to do it up with.

I’ve gotten my Christmas shopping done before July – now to get the gifts made up by December!

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