Semi Packed Room

There are 3 stacks of boxes along that table!

Packing up sewing rooms and long arm rooms is a pain!  The boxes alone are maddening, not to mention the worry over my machines.  I thought I would be pro-active, and organize as I pack – yea, right!


DSCF5721 DSCF5722

Empty lateral file units, all the books and machine embroidery designs packed.  I haven’t even started on the batting and backings I keep in the basement!

The funniest part was looking for a new place – the look on faces as I paced off rooms to make sure the longarm would fit were priceless!


Back from AQS Des Moines

Hubby and I spent 4 days in Des Moines – again, AQS put on an excellent show! There was so much to see, do and buy 🙂 – a day or two just isn’t enough.

I think I’ll spend today in my sewing room, after being so inspired!

Friday Finish July 9

I finally got the Snowman quilt bound. I learned so much on this quilt; Shiva paint sticks, PPP on the long arm, the wonders of a glue stick and still PPP that invisible binding stitch.

Here’s the quilt:

The large snowflakes were all stenciled on the a Shiva paint stick and then heat set after drying. I just love what they add to the quilt.

Here’s some of the quilting:

Just having a long arm doesn’t make me a long arm quilter! I need lots more practice, practice and more practice – but I’m pretty pleased at how this one came out.

Here is the backing and binding:

I tried something new with the turned binding by using a glue stick to stick it down and then heat setting that with an iron. Wow, does that rock!! I was able to hand stitch the binding without pinning and that was so much easier. I used the Sewline Fabric Glue Pen that I picked up at Quilt in a Day Teacher Training (on a whim, because someone said ‘You have to try this” and Sue said “We only have this many” LOL! -I love that smaller tip – I should have tried this quilts ago 🙂

Now for a bath and Hubby’s Snowman quilt will be all his 😀

Did you know that Amy over at amylouwho hosts a show and tell every Friday? I didn’t until today! Check out everyone’s finishes here: Amy’s

Now That’s Better!

Now I feel like I can work in peace – the sewing room is all put back together! From the doorway:

From the Window side of the room:

WooHoo! Projects are all bagged so I can come in from work and actually get a little something accomplished. I even set up a place for my laptop with an extra monitor (how did I ever survive without an extended desktop???) Any bets on how long it stays this way?!!

Design Wall 7/05

Not really a design wall Monday, more of a Makeover Monday here. I decided that I needed to have more storage/walking room in my sewing room, so I enlisted the help of DH to tackle the dreaded closet. Since I set up the sewing room, I’ve just had a couple of (really cool) shelf sets hubby brought home from a job site one day – they were department store display shelves. The shelves pull out and came with a couple of cool Plexiglas boxes for the lower shelves. Here’s a before shot:

Lots of wasted space there, but it worked for a long time. I had Hubby install shelves in the closet instead, and we left the bar and some space for hanging panels, etc. I think I’m going to like this setup much better:

The shelving units won’t go to waste (and hubby doesn’t get ’em either haha); they will go into the long arm room for storing long arm supplies like all the thread I’m collecting!

Now the wing chair – that’s expendable! I still have the remainder of the sewing room to clean up and organize, but hey – it’s a start!

That’s my design wall work for this week – don’t forget to stop by Judy’s Patchwork Times and see what everyone has on their design wall!

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’ve spent this evening installing and playing with EQ7! This one reminds me of spring in the Midwest, storms and all.

Over the weekend I started to sew together the Patriotic piece I started last weekend, and put together some quick flying geese stars for another one:

Who knows, maybe they’ll end up together. 😀 Don’t forget to stop by Judy’s and see what everyone is working on!

Counting the Days…

I’m counting the days until my EQ7 gets here! I looked over all the cool new features and decided it was time to retire EQ5. The new Serendipity feature really intrigues me, and the scan and crop features for fabrics sound like they’ll be fantastic. I like the new activation policy too 🙂